Making It All Fit

If I said I have a few things written down in my planner, that would be an understatement. Not a small one. A HUGE one. My planner is packed. I would be lost without it.


For me, there is nothing that I cannot make time for. I’m enrolled in 12 credit hours this semester (of which I’m sure Kinesiology alone qualifies for 11.9 hours…), I’m beginning my 20 hours/week internship, I do personal training for an hour three times per week and I also work every afternoon for three(ish) hours. And all the other things that I just do because that’s life.

That. Is. A. Lot.

Oh, I’m also training for a half marathon in November. Whatever.

I completely believe I can do it all and DO IT WELL. Which is the key, anyway. Doing it well. Plan ahead! Map out your days in one of these big fancy planners. Remember, lots of things like this only last for a short period of a time. There is light at the end of the tunnel. Schedule yourself some “me” time so you don’t lose your mind but with a well planned day/life, you CAN do it all.

There are no excuses.


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