To be a coach

I’m currently in the middle of interning at a fitness center. While it can get boring sitting at the desk, I have found one thing to absolutely love.

Helping coach a 5K training group.

Our members are of all ages, sizes and abilities. We meet twice a week to do a structured workout and give them a homework assignment for the week. They set goals, we talk about how they’re feeling and we’ve become a little running family.


I got my first taste of run training with a group of kids at work, training for a kids run. It’s definitely different training children versus adults but rewarding and fabulous just the same. I love seeing them all grow and enjoy what I enjoy so much.

I’ve solidified in my head that I WILL be USATF certified as a run coach after graduation. I feel like I’m giving back to the community that has helped shape me.


Making It All Fit

If I said I have a few things written down in my planner, that would be an understatement. Not a small one. A HUGE one. My planner is packed. I would be lost without it.


For me, there is nothing that I cannot make time for. I’m enrolled in 12 credit hours this semester (of which I’m sure Kinesiology alone qualifies for 11.9 hours…), I’m beginning my 20 hours/week internship, I do personal training for an hour three times per week and I also work every afternoon for three(ish) hours. And all the other things that I just do because that’s life.

That. Is. A. Lot.

Oh, I’m also training for a half marathon in November. Whatever.

I completely believe I can do it all and DO IT WELL. Which is the key, anyway. Doing it well. Plan ahead! Map out your days in one of these big fancy planners. Remember, lots of things like this only last for a short period of a time. There is light at the end of the tunnel. Schedule yourself some “me” time so you don’t lose your mind but with a well planned day/life, you CAN do it all.

There are no excuses.

Friday: What Did You Learn

Almost every day in one class or another (or all of them) I learn something that makes me says “wow.” So I’ve decided to do something new and compile a list every Friday of things that blew my mind of the week.

Your fingers have a faster reaction time than your thumbs. Therefore, never use your thumb when using a stop watch.

Hypertrophy of muscles is largely due to water. This means those giant swollen body builder muscles are just water. The difference is where the water IS.

Depression in older adults isn’t the same as in young people. It has different indicators. We often think of sadness being THE indicator. But in elderly people, it’s often things like food tasting different or physical pain. Not “sadness.”

Trigonometry is freaking hard.

In Missouri (and maybe elsewhere) as long as you have a teaching degree, you can teach ANY subject, as long as you pass a basic test on the subject.


Senior Year

Monday begins fall semester for me. It also will be the first day of my senior year. The beginning of the end of my time at MO State. I have loved almost every second of it.


To say there weren’t difficult times would be a lie. To say I loved every minute would be a lie. My first day of class it was 12 degrees and all I was wearing was a sweatshirt. I’m from California. The beach part. You think I owned a jacket? Yeah right. But coming here was the best decision ever. I’ve made wonderful friends, become more dedicated than ever to my fitness and health. I love my professors in the department of kinesiology. I don’t think I would’ve been this successful or happy at Arizona State (though I do sometimes wonder what would have been).


However, it’s scary to think I’m gonna be joining the “real world” sooner than later. I will be interning in the fall, which I hope gives me great insight and reinforces that what I’m doing is right. There isn’t much precedent for programs dedicated to childhood obesity prevention, so my dream is to be a pioneer in the field. We talk and talk about it in the news, how it is a growing epidemic, but what are people doing? What CAN you do?

That’s what I want my life’s work to be. My current job has shown me how much I enjoy working with children and my passion is fitness. How better to merge them than to dedicate myself to getting and keeping kids healthy?

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